How ZaRP is different

ZaRP is

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a network of partnerships made up of UK volunteers and rural households in Zambia

ZaRP cuts costs by creating direct links between UK and Zambian partners instead of acting as an intermediary

ZaRP will never ask anyone in its network to fund central costs

ZaRP discourages financial gifts from UK partners to Zambian partners

ZaRP believes that a lot of small improvements involving a lot of people can add up to much more benefit than a few big improvements involving fewer people

ZaRP builds scale in Zambia by building scale in the UK and then exporting it

ZaRP seeks to complement the work of existing charities and donors not to compete with them

ZaRP underwrites the risk of change for poor Zambian rural households

ZaRP ensures a low exposure to fraud and corruption by keeping its support small and intimate

ZaRP focuses on eliminating hunger. Other worthwhile goals such as good health, widespread education and democratic rights we leave to others.

ZaRP focuses entirely on bottom up change.

ZaRP will not introduce any innovative or untested agricultural practices, directly challenge any existing power structures or undertake any campaigning or advocacy.

ZaRP is not sentimental – we only work with people, however poor, who are willing to put in the necessary effort to make the most of our support.

ZaRP will not work with people who don’t appreciate our support.

ZaRP expects some projects to fail.

ZaRP seeks to access a vast pool of hitherto untapped skill and experience that could easily benefit hungry people but currently doesn’t.

ZaRP invites people:

  • to become a big part of a big movement not a small part of a big movement,
  • to focus on a village not a country nor a continent nor an event,
  • to build a relationship with a small community rather than with a professional charity,
  • to commit their time and energy rather than their wealth,
  • to see actual results rather than statistics, and
  • to get more out of the relationship than they put in.